TSM - Real-Time Alerts and ReportingThe TSM website has been developed to take advantage of the Sapphire terminals Real-time communication.

Reporting features include automatic email transaction, stock and performance reports. The TSM Alert system can generate emails to notify and highlight stock levels, deliveries, stock re-order levels, fraud/enviromental tank issues, vehicle performance changes and new website features.

Specification Sheets

Benefits of our
TSM Service:

Save Real-time

Cut your
Fuel Costs

Save Money
Live Reports

Greater control
and Security

The TSM ServiceTSM allows the site operator to monitor transactions and stock movements online.

The Complete Fleet overview:

Home Depot transactions
Off site Fuel Card Transactions
International Transactions

More Benefits

Over 50+ export formats available with automated email and FTP options.

Automated reporting of transactions and performance reports.

Automated importing and exporting of on road fuel card transactions.

Protection from environmental issues – System highlights if stock levels change without transaction taking place.

Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly into terminal and TSM website sending email alerts when re order levels are reached.

Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown on TSM website.

Extensive Fleet Management Package including MPG, KPL, Co2 reporting.

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