Saphhire TerminalsBus Depots, Local Authority yards, Transport Depots and Marinas... Make Sapphire the solution.

The Sapphire terminal uses its online connectivity to automatically transfer all transaction data to a secure website in seconds, leaving behind the requirement for downloads and manual interaction with the fuel management terminal.

Total Site ManagerThe money saving business tool

Watch transactions automatically appear on your own version of our Secure website using PC, tablet or smartphone.

Total control of single or multiple home depot fuelling locations, real-time reports, updates and alerts at your finger tips.

Why choose

Monitor Every Litre

Total awareness of every litre of fuel delivered, pumped and consumed.

Cut Your Fuel Costs

It’s never been so easy to monitor the fuel costs of your business – total efficiency and piece of mind.

Save Money

Improve your fleets performance using real-time vehicle and driver statistical reports.

Greater control

24/7 access to your depot stocks and fuelling systems – reduce stock losses.

Fuel Card Acceptance & On-Road Transactions

MCS terminals have been continuously developed so that they can offer more solutions and accept more types of fuel card globally than any other manufacturer.

Our compatibility with all major fuel cards makes Sapphire a standout product in global markets, but it’s our speciality developing the acceptance of any fuelcard on our terminals which makes Sapphire the completely flexible solution.

TSM Integration: On-Road Fuel Card Transactions.

We have developed TSM (Total Site Manager) to import on-road fuel card transaction data to be displayed alongside home depot transactions, giving the complete picture of every litre of fuel purchased and used by card, vehicle or driver.

Home depot transactions, off-site domestic fuel card transactions and international fuel card transactions are displayed in one convenient web portal.

Fuelcard acceptance on the Sapphire makes it the ideal solution for the business that wants to use one card to control fuel drawn in their own yard and on the road.

How it


Driver gains access to fuelling by using fuel card, tag and/or 4 digit pin. This is follow by the entry of vehicle/driver details. These prompts are fully customisable to fit any customer requirements. See graphics instruction below.


Transaction and stock info automatically uploaded to TSM in realtime. Card and setup changes automatically downloaded to the terminal.


View your fleets data via the TSM website, track multiple sites and on-road transactions on one screen.


Ensure your fuel reserves never run low by setting re-order levels on multiple tanks – emails are automatically generated to inform both the fleet manager and fuel supplier a delivery is required.

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Complete Control at your fingertips

TSM is the complete fuel management package, stock control, depot transactions, vehicle and mileage capture & on-road fuelling data accessible from any web enabled PC, tablet or smart phone. Communicating in real-time with the Sapphire terminal you can be assured of accurate and to the second feedback on your fleets movements.

Reports are completely customisable and are available to view in over 50 different formats and can be automatically generated and delivered to the inboxes of multiple recipients.

Customised & Convenient...
save time with TSM’s real-time automated operations

Setup customised reports bespoke to your fleet or even departments within your company. Automate reports to run and send directly to multiple recipients at a chosen date and time.

Utilise fuel gauges to monitor tanks levels and send automatic re-order emails to your fuel company. Unexpected drops in fuel levels – set an alert straight to your inbox, TSM covers every eventuality for any type of business.

MCS offer a fully bespoke system allowing imports and exports on hourly and daily basis over FTP (e.g. fuel cards).

If your fleet has a requirement MCS can offer a solution.

TSM Imports
and ExportsTSM has been developed to meet the users every requirement with multiple import and exports operating in realtime and running automatically (under schedules set in the system by the user).

Automated Reporting

Transaction, Stock and Performance (MPG,KPL,CO2)

Sapphire Terminal

Realtime feedback giving a complete overwiev of your fleet

Tank Gauge

Realtime visual feedback of tank stocks

VIB Datalink

Mileage / Odo Capture