Sapphire LiteThe Sapphire Lite is a high capacity entry level terminal with the ability for 2 pump, multi-product fuelling. Now available in both offline and online formats - perfect for unmanned sites.

The Lite solution provides cost effective Fuel Management with vehicle/driver and stock reporting via the secure MCS Connect website.

The Sapphire Lite/Connect product can be integrated with our Sapphire/TSM solution to build a network of sites between the Sapphire ranges with our data capture service, customers using both the Connect and TSM websites will have the option to access all transaction data through your new or existing TSM subscription.

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and real-time fuel management systems.

Benefits of our
Sapphire Lite System:

Standard and backup
memory with capacity for 4000+ transactions

Track fuel by vehicle
or driver

Cost effective solution for small, medium or large fleets

Secure contactless technology to track every litre

Benefits of the Sapphire Lite::

  • No software installation required. Manage your fleet online via any device connected to the internet.
  • High capacity capacity memory with space for over 4000 transactions and 250 users.
  • Full QWERTY keyboard allowing for easy odometer and data entry.
  • Centralised reporting allows the viewing of multiple sites under one screen.
  • The only 2 pump system in the entry level market. Perfect for diesel and Adblue setups.
  • Override switch available for manual fuelling
  • Compatible with RS232 and RS485 interfaces for connection to tank gauge solutions.

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Request a brochure for our real-time and entry level fuel management systems.

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    Working hand in hand with the Sapphire Lite terminal, the Connect online portal allows the user to view all sites under one screen offering complete centralised reporting.

    Access MCS Connect from any web enabled PC, or smart device eliminating the requirement for software installed on only one PC.

    Connect gives you complete control over who can access and modify transaction and stock data and with no restrictions on user numbers it proves to be a highly flexible business tool.

    Product Summary

    • Hi-Specification IP65, painted, lockable enclosure.
    • Nozzle casting with switch fitted
    • 4 metre hose with Husky/ Puisi style automatic nozzle
    • Pulsed output flowmeter
    • Flanged and gasketed joints to all internal mechanical components
    • Shrouded electrical junction box – added protection from the elements and user contact.
    • Emergency stop
    • Non re-settable totaliser