Connect powered by MCS

Connect offers user friendly transaction and stock information easily accessed by unlimited users, choose from various access levels to restrict individual staff or departments if required.

MCS Connect can be accessed from any web enabled PC, tablet or smartphone. Replacing the requirement for software installed on only one PC.

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Expand your operation with
total integration

The Sapphire Lite/Connect product can be integrated with our Sapphire/TSM solution.

Build a network of sites between the Sapphire ranges with our data capture service, customers using both the Connect and TSM websites will have the option to access all transaction data through your new or existing TSM subscription.


The Connect website will transfer your Sapphire Lite transactions automatically to the TSM website, all transaction data from multiple termial types + on road fuel card fuellings available in one location… Complete Centralised Reporting.

User Friendly
Centralised Reporting...


The driver gains fuel using the tag and enters the registration/driver details to complete the fuelling.


Insert the MCS USB Management stick into any PC connected to the internet, the information from the terminal will transfer to the MCS Connect Website.


Insert MCS USB Management stick into the Sapphire Lite terminal, transactions and new tag information will automatically synchronize.

The Connect Service:

Connect allows the site operator to monitor transactions and stock movements online.

Various Data can be synchronized between the Sapphire Lite and Connect website:


Tag updates

Pin Codes

Pump Settings

Terminal prompts

Benefits of our
Connect Service:

Access from any PC,
tablet or smartphone

Graphical Reports

Printable transaction
& Stock reports

Unlimited Users
and Security

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